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  • Product Name: Max Potent™;
  • Product Code: MAX89_CS;
  • COD – Cash On Delivery;
  • Increase of the blood supply to the pelvic organs;
  • Increased size of the reproductive organ;
  • Natural absolute erection;
  • Increased libido;
  • Normalization of ejaculation;
  • Improvement of the ejaculate mobility;
  • Prevention of sexual excesses;
  • Increased duration of the sexual intercourse.


  • Celery;
  • Thymus;
  • Ginger;
  • Clove.

Suggested Use

Dissolve half a teaspoon of tincture (15-20 drops) in a glass of water. Drink 3 times a day before meals, for 28-30 days.


Caution: individual intolerance of components is possible.

Once opened, store in a cool, dry, dark place for no longer than 1 year.